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Prayer Prompts for October 2015

Please pray daily for the work of our chosen charity for this month, Flush Away Poverty, and remember all those who need our prayers.

  1. Thank you, God, for your goodness to us and the beautiful world in which we live.
  2. At this Harvest time we give thanks for the food made available to us and for all who work to bring it to our tables.
  3. For McMillan Cancer Supporters and the coffee morning in the library raising funds for this.
  4. Francis of Assisi. Lord, grant that I might not seek to be loved as to love.
  5. For all celebrating birthdays today.
  6. "Our Father who art in heaven".
  7. We pray for all refugees and asylum seekers and for those responsible for their plight.
  8. Lord, please be with those who are lonely today.
  9. Thank you Lord, for music.
  10. Thomas Traherne. we thank you for all spiritual writers and poets.
  11. We pray for students settling into university and parents with "empty nests".
  12. We pray for those who didn’t get the right exam grades and are now seeking another route.
  13. For those who have graduated and starting new jobs and those who are unemployed.
  14. For all who are ill, undergoing tests or waiting for results.
  15. Teresa of Avilla. "His secrets are hidden deep; but all that He does will be best for us, without the slightest doubt."
  16. Thank you for joys that children and grandchildren bring. We also pray for those unable to have children.
  17. Ignatius. "Meet together in common – every single one of you – in grace, in one faith and one Jesus Christ."
  18. St. Luke. We pray for all doctors and medical staff and hospital administrators.
  19. Thank you Lord for travel, for opportunities to explore your world, or to visit loved ones.
  20. We pray for those who find travelling difficult or don't have the opportunity to do so.
  21. "Who can forget the wonders he performs – deeds of mercy and of grace?" Ps 111v4
  22. Lord, may there be peace in your world, in our communities and in our hearts.
  23. Give wisdom, understanding and patience to all teachers.
  24. We pray for all in prison and for those who look after them.
  25. Bible Sunday. We pray for those with little or no access to your word.
  26. As winter approaches we pray for all who find this a difficult time.
  27. We pray for all who lead worship and look after the fabric of our churches.
  28. Simon and Jude. may we follow in the footsteps of your saints.
  29. For our village, and all the organisations within it.
  30. Thank you Lord, for all who work to provide food and shelter for the hungry and homeless.
  31. Martin Luther. "If I am not allowed to laugh in heaven, I don't want to go there."

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