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Parish Magazine

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STAPLEHURST PARISH MAGAZINE is far more than just a Church Magazine; it contains a lot of information about a wide range of organisations, activities and events of general interest in the village. It also carries advertisements for many of the local tradesmen and businesses.

All this for just £1.00 per month (or £11.00 per year).

In a village appraisal the Magazine was voted the best source of information available in the village, which is probably why around half the households in the village already subscribe.

For a complimentary copy of Staplehurst Parish Magazine, totally without obligation, contact Sue de St Jorre on (01580) 893922 or Email: Sue de St Jorre

We are confident that you will be impressed!

Sue de St Jorre (Distribution)

The Magazine Committee

Magazine Letter - September 2014

Audrey Bulock

The Letter

Dear Everyone,

Several years ago my younger daughter went to a class on how to succeed at singing auditions. She learnt two things:-

  1. Not to kneel down.
  2. If scared, to take a small step out of your current position and your legs will stop shaking.

We can learn from both these pieces of advice.

Kneeling to sing involves at some stage, getting back onto your feet. You may overbalance and fall and the effect leaves not the best memory of the performance. Kneeling down has its proper time and place, for example, when praying or when helping someone who has fallen.

Arrow prayers, (the ones which are sudden urgent needs), or most things we do to help others, are better done on our feet or sitting down. We do not want to be so busy overbalancing in our prayer life that we do not see around us all the people who need our everyday contact - a visit, a word, a phone call, a smile, a helping hand.

Nearly everyone feels nervous when standing up to sing, to read, to perform or to do any new task. Taking that small step often works - I know because I often have to do this. In our lives we should step out of our comfort zone and, step into the nervous zone and then out the other side and accomplish new things.

Recently I was with friends when we saw a shop with "Christian Duplicating Service". We suspected that Christian was his name - but it makes you wonder how, in real life, this could be done.

May we all receive God's blessing.

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Magazine Letter - August 2014

Revd Mark Ham

The Letter

Just over a month ago I finished my training at Ripon College Cuddesdon, a theological college in the beautiful Oxfordshire countryside, and I said my "goodbyes" to many good friends there that I made during my two years of study; many of us were sent out to serve the Church in various parishes scattered throughout the country whilst others remained at college. My "endings" gave way to my "new beginnings" as I moved to Staplehurst, and following ordination as a Deacon at the end of June in Canterbury Cathedral, I began my curacy at All Saints' under the care and guidance of Silke.

It has been a month of transitions. A new area, a new home, a new role, new routines and new people to meet and to get to know, and names to remember! Despite having a career in the National Health Service for 25 years, and living in many places during my life from industrial Sheffield to parts of Essex and Kent, I have always found transitions both testing but also full of excitement and opportunity. I have enjoyed my "new beginnings" here in Staplehurst and I have met so many kind, friendly and supportive people. The village has real warmth to it and I have felt welcomed here. My first day at All Saints' was a joy and I was greeted with so much friendliness and generous hospitality. And Staplehurst and the Parish Church are also so full of talent; I was blessed to be here for the Alternative Flower Festival, with its many awe-inspiring and spectacular displays, and the concert on Saturday evening and the Songs of Praise service on Sunday were both memorable and uplifting events.

I give thanks for both my "endings" and for my new opportunities here. I hope that I can serve the people of Staplehurst and All Saints' to the best of my ability as part of the team at the Parish Church. Although I have not been in the parish that long I am keen to get to know as many people as possible in the Church and in the village and so please feel free to contact me via e-mail or telephone or just say “hello” if you spot me walking to the Church or out and about in the village!

All the very best,


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