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Committee Member Contact Details

Name Office Telephone Email
Andrew Brady Chairman & Membership Secretary (01580) 891840 Andrew Brady
Ron Dear Honorary Treasurer (01580) 891407 Ron Dear
Tony Norfolk Secretary (01580) 892104 Tony Norfolk
Maureen Brice Committee Member (01580) 891842 Maureen Brice
Ann Fulcher Committee Member N/A N/A
Alaine Summers Committee Member N/A N/A
Janet Pink Committee Member N/A N/A
Frank Page Committee Member N/A N/A
Sue Elwell Committee Member N/A N/A

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AGM - May 2013 - A Summary

28 members attended the 2013 Friends of All Saints' AGM on Wednesday the 15th of May in the Parish Church.

There was a small change in the committee, with Jane Streeten standing down and Sue Elwell stepping in to her shoes. Thanks were given to Jane for her time on the committee and Sue welcomed. The committee consists of Andrew Brady (Chairman & Membership Secretary), Ron Dear (Treasurer), Ann Fulcher (Secretary), Maureen Brice, Janet Pink, Pam Mortley, Sue Elwell, Tony Norfolk and Frank Page.

The Chairman reported that the Friends had contributed over £4100 to the PCC for general maintenance and repairs during the past year and also paid £9200 towards the lighting scheme, an amount pledged many years ago.

Membership currently stands at 104 members and the Chairman highlighted the need for new members.

The Treasurer reported that we would be re investing funds from a 6 month bond into a new 1 year bond and that the 1 year charity bond invested last year will mature this October and we will investigate available options then.

Andrew Brady

Chairman & Membership Secretary

General Background Information

The Friends of All Saints Church is registered as a charity with very simple objectives: to maintain, repair, restore, preserve, improve, beautify and reconstruct, for the benefit of the public, the fabric of the Church, its monuments, fixtures, fittings, furniture, stained glass, ornaments and other chattels, and its churchyard.

Since 1994, The Friends has undertaken a number of activities to provide funding towards several projects. These have included the gas-fired central heating, bells restoration, electrical winding of the clock, the provision of a vestry and draught excluding doors to the West Tower.

The Friends, administered by an elected committee, continues to spearhead fund raising and social events.

Membership of The Friends is open to anyone interested in the objects of the society and who has paid an annual member's subscription of at least £5. All Friends members - who pay Income Tax - should sign a declaration form to enable the tax to be reclaimed on their contribution, which increases the gift by some 28%.

Members receive informative Newsletters which give updates on the progress of projects and details of fund raising events to support and enjoy. A very wide variety of events is planned to ensure that all members find something of interest.

Becoming a member is very simple and your support will be much appreciated. Telephone Andrew Brady the Membership Secretary, on (01580) 891840 for further information or assistance.

Friends of All Saints Church - A fund raising body which helps finance projects of maintenance and improvement to All Saints Parish Church Staplehurst. It aims to involve members of the community through the promotion of a varied programme of events.

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To become a member of the Friends of All Saints Staplehurst please download our Membership Form here. Complete the form and send to the Membership Secretary with your subscription (a minimum of £5). We can accept cash or a cheque made payable to “Friends of All Saints Church, Staplehurst” or you can complete the Standing Order section of the form and your renewal will happen automatically annually, quarterly or monthly depending on your choice. Joint membership available (minimum £5 each). If you need help to complete all or part of the form please contact the Membership Secretary by telephone or email using the details below.

To become a member & Gift Aid your membership please complete the whole form ticking one of the first two boxes at the top of the form. If you are not a tax payer do not tick any boxes.

The aims of the Trust, which has Charity status, is to provide funding for projects and maintenance to the Church building fabric, inside and out, as instigated by and under the supervision if the Parochial Church Council of All Saints Church, Staplehurst.

The Friends have recently paid £9200 towards the new lighting project and have pledged funds to replace the hearing aid loop system.

Projects which require funding now and in the near future include:

  • The West Tower stonework needs repointing and the bell chamber wooden louvres need to be replaced. Both require costly scaffolding which can serve both projects at the same time.
  • The external stonework of the East end of the church needs repointing and once this is completed the plaster on the inside of this wall will need repair/replacement and redecorating.
  • The “Father Willis” organ dated 1896, is in need of some work to get it back into good working order.
  • Only two of the three boilers are working and this is inadequate.

Andrew Brady
Membership Secretary
(01580) 891840
Email: Andrew Brady

Downloads: PDF Icon

Download the Friends Membership and One Off Gift Aid Donations Form here.

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New Friends Quiz

You may have seen in the Parish Magazine a new Friends Quiz. This new quiz was proposed by new member Tony Norfolk who joined the committee in 2012. It was always planned to trial this for a short while to see what interest there was. We are running another quiz in May, the fifth and then will take a short break until later in the year and review the format of the quiz.

Andrew Brady - Chairman

Friends of All Saints QuizFriends of All Saints Quiz

Friends Quiz Results

May 2013 Quiz No.5

Thank you to those who entered the fifth bi- monthly quiz. The answers are given below. There were 13 entries in all, 2 of which got all answers correct. However there were several who gave an alternative answer to one of the questions which, if allowed, give a further 3 with full marks. In the ensuing draw the winner was: Julie Austin - Congratulations!

Know your Country
  1. What stretch of water is crossed by Kingsferry Bridge? - The Swale
  2. An MP and diarist lived at Saltwood Castle. Who was he? - Alan Clark
  3. Two trunk roads meet and end at Dover Eastern Docks; which are they? - A2 and A20
  4. After whom is the carriage museum in Maidstone named and when did it open? - (Sir Garrard) Tyrwhitt-Drake 1946
Cryptic Places in Kent
  1. This place could bring on itch! (11) - Birchington (Anagram) (Alternative Nettlestead as 'Stead' is place)
  2. Sounds like Ms Harman is actually a con.(11) - Harrietsham
  3. This place is hidden in dappled Oregon (9) - Appledore
Cryptic Rivers of the World
  1. 'Ringo Dare' swims around in this river. (3,6) - Rio Grande
  2. Sounds like cutting the lawn is hell to a cockney. (7) - Moselle
  3. Is this where KCCC play some of their home games? (2,8) - St. Lawrence
Mixed Bag
  1. What name is given to huge flocks of starlings which make such fantastic patterns in the sky? - A Murmuration
  2. What comes next - January, March, May, July, August.. - October (31 Days)
  3. What comes next - 1964, 1966, 1970, 1974, 1974.. - 1979 (UK General Elections)
  4. Where in the world does BN+WN=N - Khartoum, Sudan (Blue Nile + White Nile =Nile)
  5. What is the part of a sundial that casts the shadow called? - Gnomon
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March 2013 Quiz No.4

Thank you to those who entered the fourth bi- monthly quiz. The answers are given below. There were 16 entries in all, 4 of which got all answers correct and the winner in the ensuing draw was Ivan Walton - Congratulations!

Cryptic Rivers in the UK
  1. The heptathlon's about right for it. (6) - Severn
  2. Sounds as though it was just outside the places, without you there. (5) - Forth
  3. Sounds like afternoon beverage for golfers in the north east. (4) - Tees
  4. ... and its little sister in Kent. (5) - Teise
  5. First of all, Thai restaurants everywhere need tables for this one. (5) - Trent
And somewhere else in the world
  1. It will be in the shop later. (5) - Plate
Anything Goes
  1. Which famous painter was born in Sudbury where there is a Museum and Gallery of his work in the house where he lived? - Thomas Gainsborough
  2. In what year was the Great Fire of London? - 1666 (2-5 Sept)
  3. When did BBC 2 first broadcast? - 20 April 1964 (but 21st accepted too.)
  4. Which British Prime Minister was assassinated and when? - Spencer Perceval in 1812
  5. What comes next in the sequence - Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, ? - Skylab
Know your County
  1. Four buildings currently make up “County Hall” in Maidstone. What are they called? - Sessions House, Cantium House, Invicta House and Brenchley House.
  2. A senior labour politician and his actress wife lived at Vine House in Staplehurst for a time in the late 20th century. What was her stage name? - Rosamund John
  3. A new part of England was created with spoil from the Channel Tunnel works. What is it called? - Samphire Hoe
  4. What two rivers meet at Penshurst? - Medway and Eden

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January 2013 Quiz No.3

Thank you to those who entered the third bi- monthly quiz. The answers are given below. There were 22 entries in all, 3 of which got all answers correct and the winner in the ensuing draw was Robin Oakley - Congratulations!

Cryptic Place Names in Kent
  1. Even a teddy has a teddy here (8)? - Bearsted
  2. This place has a wide road (5,6)? - Broad Street
  3. The Queen's study is under canvas here (9)? - Tenterden
  4. River crossing BC (6)? - Otford
  5. An animal has its own entrance here (8)? - Ramsgate
  6. He very nearly is the place (5)? - Hever
Anagrams of Street Names in Staplehurst Parish
  1. Blonde scene - Benden Close
  2. Green lava - Grave Lane
  3. Sewer alcoves - Weavers Close
  4. Nicer descent - Iden Crescent
  5. No rally depot - Poyntell Road
Know your County
  1. Which of Henry VIII's wives lived at Hever Castle? - Ann Boleyn
  2. Where and what is “The Turner Comtemporary”? - Margate, Art Gallery
  3. What major flood defence was built on the River Medway following the floods in 1968? - Leigh Barrier
  4. Which Brewer lays claim to be Britain's oldest and where is it located? - Shepherd Neame, Faversham

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November 2012 Quiz No.2

Thank you to those who entered the second bi- monthly quiz. The answers are given below. There were 21 entries in all, 7 of which got all answers correct and the winner in the ensuing draw was Mary Shaw - Congratulations!

Cryptic Place Names in Kent
  1. Everyone is a saint here (3,7) - All Hallows
  2. Vendor Len is in this place (9) - Rolvenden
  3. A place for backward professors? (8) - Snodland
  4. They talk bacon here (7) - Chatham
  5. Chinese porcelain on the pub counter in this village (7) - Barming
  6. A heavy river crossing? (9) - Tonbridge
Look it Up
  1. Which Strait separates the US State of Alaska from Russia? - Bering Strait
  2. What is the name of the famous bell in Lloyds of London? - The Lutine Bell
  3. In which Galaxy is Earth situated? - The Milky Way
  4. Who succeeded Michael Ramsey as Archbishop of Canterbury in 1974? - Donald Coggan
  5. Where is the world's only museum dedicated solely to fans? - Greenwich, London
Know your County
  1. Which village sign commemorates two of its inhabitants, Eliza and Mary Chalkhurst, who were Siamese twins? - Biddenden
  2. Which 3 rivers meet at Yalding? - Medway, Teise and Beult
  3. “Kent, Sir - everybody knows Kent - apples, cherries, hops and women” is a quote from which novel? - Pickwick Papers by Charles Dickens
  4. Name 3 of the original Cinque Ports in Kent? - Any 3 from Sandwich, Dover, New Romney and Hythe

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September 2012 Quiz No.1

Thank you to those who entered the first bi- monthly quiz. The answers are given below. There were 11 entries in all, 4 of which got 15 correct answers and the winner in the ensuing draw was Gena Baker - Congratulations!

Cryptic Place Names in Kent
  1. No respect for cattle dealer here (5) - Dover
  2. Initially many an Icelander drove south to overcome northern elements here. (9) - Maidstone
  3. Sounds like a crone on the beach. (8) - Sandwich
  4. Sounds like a well off District. (11) - Richborough
  5. Margaret fine with a horse here. (7,3) - Pegwell Bay
  6. How many trees here. (4,4) Might be more than one possible answer - Four Elms
Look it Up
  1. What was the name of the cruise ship which capsized off the coast of Italy on 13 January 2012? - Costa Concordia
  2. Who is the current (30 Sept. 2012) UK Secretary of State for Defence? - Rt Hon Phillip Hammond MP
  3. On what river does Sunderland lie? - River Wear
  4. Who were the first and last wives of King Henry VIII? - Catherine of Aragon and Katherine Parr
  5. What are the next two numbers in the sequence: 2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13...? - 17 and 19 (Prime numbers)
Know your County
  1. Which was the first stretch of motorway opened in Kent? - A20(M) Maidstone ByPass (East section Sept. 1961, West section Dec 1960). Now part of M20.
  2. Where did the Crab and Winkle Line run between? - (Whitstable to Canterbury)
  3. When was the Royal Military Canal built? - (1804 to 1809)
  4. Which City is on the River Great Stour? - Canterbury

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2012 Shepherds' Market

We are very pleased to announce that the Shepherds' Market held on Saturday 1st December raised over �1,000 for the Friends and we would like to thank all the stall holders and everyone else who contributed by baking cakes and Shepherds' Pies, donating prizes for the Raffle, bringing produce and other items for our own stalls, sharing their memories and memorabilia with us or who helped in any other way and made it such a success.

We are also grateful to the following local traders who contributed goods and/or services:

Bumbles, The King's Head, Chasing Rainbows, Murcatto Wines, Coachman's Cottage Studio, Staplehurst Nurseries & Henhurst Farm Shop.

And an especially big thank you to everyone who came along and did some of their Christmas shopping with us.

Maureen Brice
Friends of All Saints Staplehurst Committee Member

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Recent Events

Brain Game Saturday 23rd March 2013

This event was well attended with around 75 entrants enjoying an evening in the Parish Room. We raised just over £400 for our funds so a big thank you to all that took part.

Brain Game Logo
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Recent Events

Wealden Consort Summer Concert July 2012

Our most recent event was a concert by the Wealden Consort on Saturday the 14th July.

This was a very enjoyable evening with a varied mix of music including church music, spirituals and modern pieces.

Around 50 people attended the event, less than we had hoped, but the weather wasn't great and there were a number of other events going on locally, but this was the only mutual date available for a concert.

We are very grateful that the Wealden Consort agreed to perform a concert for us as they do this to help fund raising events for causes such as ours, which they only 4 or 5 times a year, so thank you to them.

The Wealden Consort, is led by their Musical Director Cornelis Taekema who conducted the choir and played an organ voluntary to start the second half.

Wealden Consort Logo

See a copy of the programme for the event here.

Shepherds' Market December 2011

I am delighted to report that the Shepherds' Market raised just over £1,000 for the Friends of All Saints and would like to thank everybody who came to the Church on Saturday December 3rd and did at least some of their Christmas shopping with us. We would also like to thank all the Village Traders who donated prizes for the raffle and supported us by providing goods and services and, of course, all the extra people who helped us on the day.

The Friends of All Saints is a secular charity which exists to raise funds for the upkeep and maintenance of the fabric of the Church building. Membership is a minimum of £5 per annum and we would be very pleased if, in these austere times, you could spare us that amount each year. Without members it would be even harder to raise the amounts required.

Maureen Brice

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Friends of All Saints Bone China Mugs Available

The Friends of All Saints Staplehurst have new stock of white Bone China mugs.

Similar to previous versions, the new mugs are the same shape, the Topaz style, a white bone china mug with the image of the Church and Friends text in dark green as shown to the right.

The mugs are available at £5.50 each or £30 for a set of 6.

An ideal memento of a wedding or baptism celebrated at All Saints' Church.

If you would like a mug (or a set of 6) please contact Andrew Brady on (01580) 891840.

Friends Mugs 2010
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Friends of All Saints Waiters Friends Available

The Friends of All Saints Staplehurst have a new item of merchandise, a waiter's friend.

The waiter's friends are available at £4.00 each.

An Ideal Gift for the Wine Enthusiast.


If you would like a waiter's friend please contact Andrew Brady on (01580) 891840.

Friends Waiter's Friend 2012Friends Waiter's Friend 2012

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