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Welcome to All Saints Church Staplehurst Kent

Rector - The Reverend Silke Tetzlaff

The Church is normally open for prayer and reflection every day.
Morning and Evening Prayer are usually said at 8.00 am (8.45 a.m. on Wednesday & 8.30 a.m. on Saturday) and 5.00 p.m. respectively in the Church (all are welcome).

Prayer Prompts for April 2014
For Your Diary PDF Icon April 2014 Diary
All Saints Church
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Parish Magazine Letter for April 2014

Church Rotas

Clipping the Church on Mothering Sunday

On Sunday the 30th of March we carried out the tradition at Staplehurst of "Clipping the Church".

See photographs of the Clipping of the church here.

Clipping the Church 2014

Handel's MESSIAH - Sunday 13th of April - 6.30pm All Saints Church

On Palm Sunday, the start of Holy Week, there will be a performance of Handel's Messiah by the Merry Opera Company at All Saints Church on Sunday the 13th of April 2014 at 6.30pm.

Tickets £17.50 in advance, £20 on the door.

Tickets available from The Mocking Bird Vintage Tearooms, High Street, Staplehurst TN12 0AH or from Chasing Rainbows, Bank House, High Street, Staplehurst TN12 0AE or online at (booking fee applies)

For more information please call Sonja Drew on (01580) 890741 (after 7pm).

For more information take a look at the poster.

Messiah Poster 2014


From the 8th December 2013 - 23 March 2014 the Evening Services of Compline/Taize, Evensong, Contemplative Evening Prayer and Parish Communion with healing will be at 4.30pm. All other special Services take place as advertised . We will revert to 6.30pm for the above services from Sunday 30th March 2014. Any questions, please speak to Silke.

Charity for January, February and March 2014 - Church Urban Fund

Church Urban Fund Logo

Church Urban Fund

Church Urban Fund is about churches and Christians working together to tackle poverty in England, to transform the lives of the poorest and most marginalised. They are the Church of England’s poverty charity and work through local diocesan partnerships of churches and others (the Together Network) to uniquely tackle poverty at local community level.

Lillies at Easter

Lilies and the special memory book are available for you to remember a loved one at Easter.

The lilies will be arranged in Church on Holy Saturday and they and the book will be blessed on Easter Day to the memory of these people.

Lilies will cost £3.00 each. The book will be in Church most Sunday mornings between 9.45 and 11.30am. If you are unable to be there please phone me and I will arrange to see you when convenient to you.

I will be ordering the lilies on 14th April and would prefer you to let me have your request before that date, please.

Audrey Bullock

01580 891940

Easter Lillies

Update on the churchyard wall situation - 1st December 2013

We have an update on the progress of the churchyard wall. See the latest update here.

What's Going On Up In That Tower?

As you walk up the path to church on a Sunday morning or pass by on a Tuesday practice night you are welcomed by the sound of the bells. Staplehurst bells have rung out for almost every service for the last 200 years and most people probably take them for granted. Unlike other members of the church, for example the choir who are visible, our ringers go about their work unseen, though not unheard. So what goes on up in the tower? This article looks at the mystical world of bellringing.

Firstly - When we ring.

The bells are rung twice on a Sunday for services to "call the people to church", firstly before the 10am service and later in the day before the late afternoon or evening service. You will also hear us ring from 7.00pm until 9.15pm on a Tuesday evening; our practice night. The church bells also ring for weddings and funerals and at other times when we mark a special occasion such as a significant wedding anniversary, a birth or indeed a death. On these occasions we usually ring what is called a Quarter Peal or a Peal. Quarter Peals take around 45 minutes and a Peal can last over 3 hours and are a test of concentration and something of an achievement to aim for. We also ring for other special services throughout the year, for example we recently hosted a mid-week Deanery Confirmation service and we rang for that. We also ring on New Years Eve to "ring out the old year" and "ring in the new". This is normally preceded by a ringers party. We also have visitors from other towers ring our bells by prior arrangement. This is popular throughout the year as many ringers arrange tower outings to visit and experience other bells as we ourselves do when we visit other towers. If you take the Staplehurst Parish Magazine, keep an eye out for the monthly bell ringing report, where weddings and visiting ringing is normally advertised.

Being a ringer.

Perhaps the first point to make is that you don't have to be musical to be a ringer. Unlike singing or playing an instrument, where you have to accurately achieve a range of notes, each ringer is only ringing one bell which is tuned to a particular note. Therefore, provided you have a reasonable sense of rhythm and can ring your bell in the right place (which comes with practice), you could become a ringer. Secondly you don't need bulging biceps. Bellringing is a question of technique rather than strength and anyone who is reasonably fit and tall enough should have no problem.

The Bells.

The number of bells a church has can vary, generally between 5 and 12. Here at Staplehurst we have 10 bells and the "tunes" we ring on a Sunday are achieved by changing the order in which the bells are rung. There are 3,628,800 different combinations possible on our ten bells and to ring all of them would take nearly six years of continuous ringing. Don't worry; we don't intend to do that. We rang a peal for the farewell of our previous Rector, Gill Calver in January 2011 which managed to scrape in at 2 hours and 59 minutes. The band of ten ringers was mostly from Staplehurst with a few of our ringing friends from Maidstone joining us to mark the occasion. A similar peal, this time on six bells welcoming our new Rector, Silke Tetzlaff in November 2011, was quicker at 2 hours 36 minutes.

The Ringers.

So what about those stalwarts who ring our bells every Sunday? We currently have 25 active ringers in our band, making it one of the largest resident bands in Kent. Most of our ringers actually live in the village and several are involved in other activities within the church or the village. Our youngest ringer is just ten years old and our oldest; well let's just say he has been retired for some time. We are fortunate that our band also includes some promising young ringers which is encouraging for the future. As well as students our band includes people from all walks of life including the world of banking and commerce, health service workers, teachers, our Parish Responsible Finance Officer and a fair number of retirees.

The Social Side.

Well, I hear you ask, is there more to life than just pulling a rope early on a Sunday morning! Indeed there is. Once a month we meet up with ringers from the other 30 or so churches in the Maidstone District which have bells. The different churches take it in turn to host these events, so it gives ringers a chance to ring on bells other than their own. Twice a year we have ringing competitions, the most recent of which we won. Like most hobbies ringing also has its social side. We nearly always adjourn to The Kings Head to quench our thirst after our Tuesday evening practice. Each summer we have an outing where we spend a day ringing at churches in another part of the south east and of course enjoying a pub lunch. Some of our more fanatical ringers even go on ringing holidays. Add to that Barn Dances, Quiz Evenings and Barbecues and you can see why ringing can easily become a way of life!

I hope this has given you an insight into what ringing at Staplehurst is all about. If it has whetted your appetite why not pop up to the tower on our Tuesday practice night from 7.30pm onwards to find out more. But be warned - bellringing can become addictive!

All Saints Staplehurst Tower Secretary - Roy Barclay

Bell from Staplehurst
Bell from Staplehurst
Bell from Staplehurst

Friends of All Saints Quiz Results

Friends of All Saints Header Logo See the Friends of All Saints Quiz Results here.

Friends of All Saints Bone China Mugs Available

The Friends of All Saints Staplehurst have new stock of white Bone China mugs.

Similar to previous versions, the new mugs are the Topaz style, white bone china with the image of the Church and Friends text in dark green as opposite.

The mugs are available at £5.50 each or £30 for a set of 6.

An ideal memento of a wedding or baptism celebrated at All Saints' Church.

If you would like a mug (or a set of 6) please contact Andrew Brady on (01580) 891840 or any member of the committee via the Friends Page

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Friends Mugs 2010

Logo of the Changing Attitude Website  On the 4th March 2009, All Saints Staplehurst PCC agreed 'that it wishes details of the church and its services to be listed on the Changing Attitude web site as a congregation which is open and welcoming to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people'.

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All Saints Staplehurst Health, Healing and Support Prayer Group

View our All Saints Church Mission Statement

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